Today at Appleseed we planted lots of new seeds and plants into our vegetable garden. We planted a lemon tree, tomato, cucumbers, snow peas, strawberries and lettuce.


Our Preschoolers have been journeying around the world over the past couple of weeks as they have been learning all about different countries and cultures around us.


In the lead up to Australia Day, the Appleseed children have been learning all about our Australian and Indigenous culture.


The new year has kicked off here at Appleseed!


The Ditto Show is a Child Protection Show that aims to teach children personal safety strategies and skills to stay safe in a range of situations from sexual assault to bullying.


Magic Craig came to Appleseed earlier this week to share with the children a very special show called "Mind your Manners".


Kristy from Little Travel Adventures came to Appleseed Childcare on Tuesday 10th October to take the children on a trip around the world!


There has been a bit of a change in our outdoor environment this week!


As part of our School Holiday Program we held Multicultural Food Day on Monday 25th September.


On Wednesday 13th September we had a science workshop at Appleseed.


Wow! What a great Early Childhood Educators Day we all had here at Appleseed. Early Childhood Educators Day took place on Wednesday 6th September. 

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