Places at Appleseed

Appleseed Childcare has an active waitlist which ensures that families can be contacted when a vacancy arises throughout the year. Each year in August we start taking enrolments for the start of a new year, If you would like to join our Waiting List, please complete our Waiting List form or call us on 9869 0555. We do not charge a Waiting List Fee.


Childcare is very dynamic, and sometimes vacancies can arise during the year, this means that if your child is on our waitlist we can contact you to let you know. We also encourage families to stay in regular contact us to maintain up to date details. If you would like to join our Waiting List, please complete our Waiting List form. We do not charge a Waiting List Fee.

Centre Tours

Please click here to see a virtual tour of our centre.

Centre tours are by appointment only

Please ensure you call and speak to the Centre Director if you would like to book a tour


2025 Enrolments

Appleseed will begin enrolments for January 2025 soon, please ensure that your child is on our waitlist if you would like to be offered a position. 

Enrolment Policy

When considering places for children, our policy is straightforward. Priority is given to children who have a sibling already at Appleseed, and to children who live in the local community.

We also implement Government recommendations to ensure priority of access is given to children at risk of abuse or neglect, children of single parents, and children of couples who both satisfy the Work, Training, Study test.

Enrolments are for a minimum of two days per week. This is recommended for the emotional wellbeing of your child. Two or more days in care provides continuity and allows children to feel a sense of confidence within their carers and their environment.

Enrolment Checklist

Once you have secured a place for your child at Appleseed, you will be given an enrolment pack.

You will also need to provide a copy of:

  • Your child’s Birth Certificate
  • An up-to-date Immunisation History Statement 

We will get you to complete an online enrolment form and complete direct debit.

Upon enrolment, your child will receive a preschool bag, hat, and drink bottle.


An orientation session will be arranged before your child's first day. Orientation allows us to get to know you and your child and for your child to feel a sense of belonging in our centre. 

During orientation, children will meet their educcators and are encouraged to explore the room and outdoors, including painting, drawing, building with blocks, all while in the comforting presence of their parent or parents.

It’s a great idea to talk about the experience with your child at home afterwards.

Your Words

We encourage regular feedback from all of our parents. It helps us quickly identify and fix any areas that may have room for improvement. It’s always nice to hear when we’ve done well too...