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Appleseed Childcare is a place of fun, love, games, stories, songs, play and imagination – but behind all of our activities is a guiding program of early childhood education and development.

Appleseed Childcare is a place of fun, love, games, stories, songs, play and imagination – but behind all of our activities is a guiding program of Early Childhood Education and Development.

Our Early Childhood Educators are fully qualified, very experienced and extremely dedicated to their roles - many have been with Appleseed since it opened in 2010.

We are a small service - with only 49 children in attendance each day and our enrolled families stay with us from nursery to preschool. What this means is that your child isn't just a number or another face in the crowd! We are so proud of the tight-knit service we provide - with each educator knowing every child, regardless of room or age group, individually. For your child, it provides them an additional sense of belonging and security. 

Our service highly values continued professional learning and development - we hold regular professional development training and a high number of our Educators are furthering their own individal studies.

We know that the early years of life are the most important for learning - with 90% of a child's brain development occuring in the first 5 years of a child's life. This time is when the foundations for future learning is laid. We also know that higher qualifications equal a higher quality service and higher quality education. This is why our service has employed not just one but THREE fully qualified Early Childhood Teachers, with an additional THREE Educators part way through their 4year degree. 




Kim Elhayek

Licensee/Nominated Supervisor

(Fully qualified Early Childhood Teacher) 

I am the Owner of Appleseed Childcare.

My history in childcare goes back to 2003 when I worked in a 2-3 room looking after 16 toddlers while studying my certificate 3. I had 2 children and was ready for a career change. After completing my Certificate 3, I went on to complete my Diploma in Children’s Services, then my Bachelor of Teaching 0-5 years through Charles Sturt University.

This was a very challenging experience with 3 children and pregnant with my fourth, but working with children is something I’ve always had a passion for. It stems from being the oldest sibling of 6 younger brothers.

My husband and I bought our first preschool located on the Central Coast in 2003, and so we made the move from Sydney to operate the preschool. In 2006 we bought a long day care centre in Woy Woy but we had the ambition to build our dream centre with everything that we wanted, so the search was on to look for a sight back in Sydney.

In 2008 we decided that Ray Rd would be the place that our dream centre would be built, and in April 2009 the site was cleared to be ready for construction. It was an exciting time for me, assisting with the design and purchasing materials and resources for the centre. In June 2010 we opened for business, with children eager to start their journey with us. Since then, we have built a great team and have had many lovely families and children attend of our centre.

We look forward to showing you through our centre and building a great relationship with yourself and your child.



(Fully qualified Early Childhood Teacher) 

My name is Hannah and I started at working at Appleseed in July 2011.

I studied my Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood and Primary Education through the Australian Catholic University. Since starting at Appleseed Childcare in 2011, I spent most of time in the 0-2 age group as the Room Leader - which was very rewarding. However at the start of 2016 I was keen for a change and to work with a new age group, so I moved to the preschool room.

The beginning of 2017 gave me new challenges as I moved into a 2IC role and then from May 2017 I moved into a Centre Director position. I absolutely love this role and have enjoyed learning many new skills about managing a service, mentoring and guiding a team of Educators and office administration. 

I look forward to working with you and your child in the future. If you have any questions please come and see me or give me a call. 

Kind Regards,




Hi there! My name is Alice.

I am the cook at Appleseed :)

I have about 22 years experience in the hospitality industry and have previosuly worked in both aged cares settings and hospitals providing meals. 

I look forward to providing healthy, delicious meals for your child! 


Educational Leader/Preschool Room Educator

(Fully qualified Early Childhood Teacher) 

I have been working at Appleseed since March 2011. I love my leadership role in the preschool room, and enjoy watching the children grow and develop through different stages.

After leaving school, I began studying a Bachelor of Arts at University before realising my passion for Early Childhood. I went on to complete my Certificate 3 and Diploma in Children’s Services at College full-time in 2010 while attending practical days at a local child care centre and before and after school care. I have now succesfully completed my Bachelor of Teaching (0-5 years) through TAFE.

In August 2017 my beautiful baby boy was born! I am loving being a mother and seeing my own child grow and develop. 

I returned from Maternity Leave at the start of July 2018 - I now currently work 2 days a week as the service's Euducational Leader and as a preschool educator.



Preschool Room Leader

I started at Appleseed Childcare in November 2014 and was based in the preschool room. In 2017 I progressed into a Room Leader position in the toddler room.I work full time and last year I completed my Diploma in Children's Services. In 2018 I moved back into the Preschool Room as the Room Leader. 

I find working with children a rewarding career that challenges me in many different ways and there are many skills and lessons to learn each day. I love getting to know the children and helping them as individuals while having lots of fun along the way!

I look forward to meeting you.

- Jac


Preschool Room Educator

Hey! My name is Alex.

I started at Appleseed in 2014 as a Yellow Room Educator before moving into a Room Leader position at the start of 2016.

I loved working with young children and enjoy planning lots of exciting activiites and experiences to keep them engaged and interested throughout the day. I find working with young children to be so rewarding and such a hoot! 

I welcomed my first baby at the begining of 2017 which was a very exciting time for our family. I have recently returned to Appleseed after taking a year off on Maternity Leave. I am based in the preschool room, where i job share with Melissa. I work 3 days a week (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday). 

I look forward to getting to know you and your child!

- Alex


Preschool Educator

(Currently studying Early Childhood degree) 

Sophie currently works Monday and Tuesdays in our Preschool Room.

Sophie holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and is currently studying her Bachelor of Education (Birth-5yrs). She has over 8 years experience in the childcare industry and is looking forward to completing her degree in 2020.

Sophie is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. 



Green Room Educator

Hi there!

My name is Ilaria and I am from Italy! In 2018 I worked in the Preschool Room part time as I completed my Diploma. This year I have moved into a full time position in the Green Room(2-3.5yrs).

I have a passion for the outdoors and an interest in the environment and sustainabilty. I have completed previous studies around these subjects and have a Bachelor of Biological Science and a Masters in Environmental Biology.

I am kind, caring and friendly which helps me connect with children and adults from different backgrounds and build warm, trusting relationships with them. 

I also believe promoting physical activities, such as fine and gross motor, dance and co-ordination, ball and physical agility skills is fundamental for young children's wellbeing and physical development.

- Ilaria


Green Room

(Currently studying Early Childhood degree) 

Hi, My name is Ashley I currently work Wednesdays and Fridays at Appleseed. I have worked as a Float Educator, and i am now working in the Green Room, job sharing with Emma. 

I am in my 3rd year of my Bachelor of Early Childhood Education.

I love working with children of all ages and enjoy seeing them learn and grow. I am a kind and caring person who loves to listen. 

I look forward to assisting the development of your child through play activities that are carefully programmed to promote your children's physical and cognitive development. 

See you around the centre! 

- Ashley


Green Room Educator

(Currently studying Early Childhood degree) 

My name is Emma and I work part time at Appleseed - I have been at the centre since January 2017. I am also currently in my 3rd year of my Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood & Primary) degree which I am really enjoying.

I have worked as the centre floater and enjoyed getting to know all the children across the centre and extending on their ideas, thoughts and interests throughout the day. 

I am currently working in the Green Room, job sharing with Ashley. 

I look forward to working with you and your child.

- Emma


Yellow Room Leader

I started at Appleseed in January 2017 and I hold a Diploma in Children's Services. I moved to Sydney from Bendigo, where I had been working there with children for over 7 years.

Over these years I have gained valuable experience and skills that are essential in providing children and their families with high quality early childhood learning experience.  I am a deeply caring person who adores and delights in all children. I work full time and I look forward to meeting you.




Yellow Room Educator

Hi there!

I'm Lyndal and I have recently moved to Sydney from Queensland. I started at Appleseed in January 2018. 

Working with children has always been a passion of mine and I am so excited to be undertaking a full-time traineeship with the centre.

I look forward to getting to know all the children and families that attend the service.

I love that I get the opportunity to help children develop their growing minds.

- Lyndal


Yellow Room Educator

Hi, my name is Jolene!

I started working at Appleseed in January 2018. 

I work fulltime in the Yellow Room. I hold a Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education & Care and am currently studying my Diploma. I love being around children and seeing them grow and develop. 

I am a happy person who loves to learn new things and make new friends!

Looking forward to seeing you :)  

Lyndal F

Hi my name is Lyndal!

I hold a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and have over 8 years of experience in the industry - most of that time working with 0-2yr children.

I have also worked with children with additional needs.



Yellow Room Educator (Float)

Hi there! 

I have completed my Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care and currently I am studying my Diploma. 

I love working with children and providing them with consistent emotional support and also assisting children to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding. 

I look forward to working with you and your child.


Float Educator

Hi my name is Claudia!

I work full time at Appleseed as a float educator. I mainly work with the children aged 2yrs and over.

I am currently studying my Certificate 3 in Early Childhood, which i will complete this year. In 2020 i will be starting university, where i will be studying my Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) 


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