During our PreLit classes, our Preschoolers have been busy learning all about blending onset and rime to make spoken words (with the aid of pictures).

This was done by showing the children different picture cards then slowly sounding out the beginning of the word (ONSET) then the end of the word (RIME). 

Some of the children understood this concept immediately, while others needed some practice throughout the week. At the end of the week the children completely understood that when they sounded out each letter in a word as they saw it then blend them together they were reading! 

They were so excited!We have been now been catching the children looking around the room sounding out different things they saw.

Why teach about onset and rimes?

  • They help children learn about word families, which can lay the foundation for future spelling strategies
  • Teaching children to attend to onset and rime will have a positive effect on their literacy skills
  • Learning these components of phonological awareness is strongly predictive of reading and spelling acquisition

Your Words

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