Little Travel Adventures

Kristy from Little Travel Adventures came to Appleseed Childcare on Tuesday 10th October to take the children on a trip around the world!

Today’s Adventure began by firstly looking at the importance of music and dance in the Aboriginal culture. The children used tapping sticks to dance to an Aboriginal song and they also learnt some fun facts about some native Australian animals. Their next stop was America for some “Cheerleading and Marching Band” practice. The children enjoyed shaking their pom poms and also marching in a marching band pretending to play various instruments and marching in the shape of a square. Next they joined in a belly dance in Egypt where the children used both slow fluid movements and also fast percussive movements, which were enhanced wearing wrist bells, before sailing down the Nile River and learning about some of the sights including Pyramids, Mummies, Camel’s and Pharaoh’s. Next up was France where the children practiced some miming skills using only their body and not talking. They went for a tour around Paris recognising shapes along the way, and then demonstrated great listening skills dancing and reacting to fast and slow music. The last stop was Russia to join in a circus and the children displayed great hand eye co ordination throwing and catching scarfs.


The children were effective communicators repeating the greeting of each country they visited. They used their counting skills to count marching band steps and also displayed great shape recognition. They used their imaginations to imitate animals and artists in a circus. As well as displaying great drama and acting skills changing facial expressions and using their body to mime out a scene. They also showed respect for their peers taking turns while adding things to the world map backdrop, as well as recognising colours when adding things onto the different continents.


They participated in physical activity using both fine and gross motor skills, such as dancing, jumping, hopping, balancing, shimmy and shaking, throwing and catching, as well as using various stimuli including tapping sticks, pom poms, bells, and scarfs.



The children became connected with their world learning the differences and similarities between different cultures including the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, while also providing a link between some children’s cultural backgrounds and that of their centre and community.

It was loads of fun! 

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