This week we had a visit from some Fire Officers from the Eastwood Fire Department.


Today our talented Educator Melanie set up a face painting experience outside for the children.


The children demonstrated such great turn taking and problem solving skills as they assisted Ilaria to put together our new worm farm. 


Our chicks are continuing to grow bigger each day and the children are absolutely loving having them at Appleseed.


We are excited to announce that in the coming weeks, we will be introducing The Cultured Kid’s Early Childhood French Program across our entire centre.


We have eagerly been waiting all week for our chicks eggs to begin hatching.


Easter is almost here!

Our Yellow Room children displayed lots of focus and creativity as they got to work preparing their Easter gifts to give to their families.


The children of Appleseed have been very busy bees over the past month as they have been taking care of our brand new vegetable garden. 


Today at Appleseed we planted lots of new seeds and plants into our vegetable garden. We planted a lemon tree, tomato, cucumbers, snow peas, strawberries and lettuce.


Our Preschoolers have been journeying around the world over the past couple of weeks as they have been learning all about different countries and cultures around us.


In the lead up to Australia Day, the Appleseed children have been learning all about our Australian and Indigenous culture.


The new year has kicked off here at Appleseed!

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