Learning about our country and our culture

In the lead up to Australia Day, the Appleseed children have been learning all about our Australian and Indigenous culture.

This has been intentional teaching planned by our Educators and has been embedded throughout each room's Educational Program during art/craft, music & movement, small & large group learning times and outdoor play. 

In our Green Room they have been closely exploring the Australian and Aborignal Flag - identifying the different colours in order to further develop each child's colour recognition skills. To extend on this activity the Educators then planned a craft experience which involved creating handprints using the colours of the Aboriginal flag. This activity continued to extend on the children's learning of colours and craft times such as these ones also provide our Educator's with moments of one-to-one interactions with each child.  

Happy Australia Day everyone! 


Your Words

We encourage regular feedback from all of our parents. It helps us quickly identify and fix any areas that may have room for improvement. It’s always nice to hear when we’ve done well too...