Outdoor Play

There has been a bit of a change in our outdoor environment this week!

After some Professional Development our Educator's attended last week on Outdoor Play, Outdoor Environments and Risky Play we decided to make some changes to our own outdoor area, in particular what activities are being offered to the children. 
Over the next couple of weeks we would like to encourage the children to instead use the natural environment as a resource for their own play and learning.      We want to provide the children with the opportunity to be creative and use their imagination in the outdoor environment.      We want to see what the children will do with no activities provided from the shed over the next few weeks – Will they create their own activities? Their own games? Their own resources?  Around the yard we have placed natural items for the children to explore and use in their play (such as stones, rope, sticks).  We can't wait to see what the children will do! 

Your Words

We encourage regular feedback from all of our parents. It helps us quickly identify and fix any areas that may have room for improvement. It’s always nice to hear when we’ve done well too...